Stop Writing About the Pandemic

You’re tired of writing about it and your reader is sick of reading about it

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Yes, COVID-19 has impacted our lives a great deal, but I think we’re all well aware of that by now. You don’t need to keep writing about how difficult it is working from home or how different life is now compared to pre-pandemic times. Your reader is experiencing these same struggles and probably doesn’t want to be reminded of why our lives now are so difficult.

We’re all coming to terms with the fact that how the world operates now is a lot different from how it did before the pandemic hit. There’s a new normal to be adjusted to, and I understand that. But I think continuously writing about something we can’t change isn’t doing you any good as a writer, but is also probably something your reader is sick of reading about. It’s getting old and, quite frankly, a little repetitive.

Now I’m not suggesting that we ignore this new life we have become accustomed to living, but I encourage you to make better use of your time. Writing about the coronavirus can become emotionally draining and isn’t productive, in terms of writing.

We need to stop reminiscing about the past because as much as we hate to admit, we can’t do anything to go back. Instead of writing about the inescapable struggles we have been facing since March, consider taking any of these approaches if you want to continue to improve your writing.

Write about the feelings

Rather than letting your emotions get in the way of writing about post-pandemic life, hone in on these feelings. Feelings are the single-handedly most relatable thing out there. Emotions are what creates bonds between strangers and how connections are formed.

Rather than writing about how your physical life has been affected, opt to write about how your emotional well-being has been impacted. The only way we’re going to get through any of this is by being there for each other, as cheesy as it sounds. Feeling ignored by family members or friends? Write about it. Feeling lonely due to lack of social interaction? Write about it. Feeling frustrated that things are out of your control? Write. About. It.

Re-edit and polish unfinished work

If you have a lot of time on your hands, which I think most of us do, take advantage of this time. For me, something I struggle with when it comes to writing is having the energy and determination to finish the pieces I’ve started. I have lots of interesting ideas pop into my head for pieces that I quickly jot down in my phone and then never come back to. Take this time to look through the notes on your phone or even revisit old Google Docs. Find a piece you wrote a year ago and play around with it. Change the ending, mess with the dialogue, add in a new character to stir up the plot.

Think of how many unfinished pieces you probably have just collecting dust, whether that be virtual or literal. Use this time we have to revamp them. Every writer has some poem, essay, or story they started but never got around to finishing. Utilize this time. Think about the rewarding feeling you get once you finally work on a piece you’ve been meaning to for so long. Now is the time. Experiment, mess around and be free.

Reach out to other writers

The platform you are reading this article on right now is an amazing way to reach out to other writers. As writers, many of the struggles we face are universally shared and felt. Building a tight-knit community of writers is an effective way for you to stay on top of your writing.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to write, or maybe you just want another set of eyes to read your work. Look through your notifications at who has either clapped or responded to your articles. Read their articles and get a taste for their writing. Think their writing is different and want to learn more about their approach? Reach out to them! Find someone else who has a similar style of writing to yours that you enjoy? Reach. Out.

Having a group of writers will create a great feeling of inspiration and motivation. Hold a zoom meeting once a week. Hold yourself accountable for participating in this group. You can learn so much from other writers, and they will more than likely be thrilled to partake in your group.

Living through a global pandemic is anything but easy, no one’s denying that. I just think it’s time we take a little break writing about what we already know. Instead, use this time to take your writing to the next level.



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